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Judgments or orders of the court may need to be modified based upon a substantial change in circumstances since the entry of the final judgment or last court order directed to that particular issue. The matters for which modifications are most often sought are child support, alimony, parental responsibility or timesharing. Modification proceedings are started by the filing of a supplemental petition for modification, which must specifically allege in detail the factual basis for the change of circumstances, which could justify a modification. Some examples would be either job loss, or a new job or promotion resulting in substantially higher earnings.

Enforcement of Judgments

Unfortunately, court orders and court judgments are not always complied with. In such instances, a party may file a supplemental petition with the court to enforce the court's order or judgment, and if the violation is willful, to have the responsible party adjudicated in contempt of court for which the penalties can be severe, even including incarceration. The types of matters for which enforcement proceedings are usually brought are failure to pay alimony or child support as ordered by the court or to enforce timesharing rights improperly denied.

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