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family law servicesPrenuptial Agreements

A Prenuptial (premarital) Agreement is a written contract created by two people planning to be married. This agreement lists all the property each party owns, as well as their debts, and specifies what each person's property rights will be after they marry. Prenuptial Agreements often specify how property will be divided and whether spousal support will be paid in the event of a divorce. A Prenuptial Agreement accomplishes the objective of satisfying a spouse's needs for certainty that assets will be protected in the event of divorce.

Child Dependency/Parental Rights Termination

The state of Florida investigates all reported cases of alleged abandonment, abuse or neglect of minor children. If substantiated dependency proceedings may be instituted whereby the state of Florida effectively becomes the custodian of the victim minor child. Dependency proceedings involve court ordered remedial programs and services with the goal of reunifying the family unit.

If there is insufficient progress or cooperation in that regard, the state of Florida may seek to terminate the offender's parental rights. The services of a skilled and experienced lawyer are essential in such cases.

Legal Separation

In Florida, legal separation is known as support unconnected with dissolution of marriage. These proceedings might be used as an alternative to divorce where it is uncertain that the marriage is irretrievably broken. It is often used during a period of possible reconciliation. It establishes the parties' respective financial rights and obligations to each other during the period of separation. Unfortunately and more often than not, these proceedings are eventually converted into dissolution of marriage actions.


In certain instances, the annulment of a marriage may be appropriate rather than a divorce. A marriage may be annulled for any cause that prevented the parties from contracting a valid marriage in the first place. For there to be a valid marriage, the key elements of capacity and consent must be present. Marriages can be annulled based on mental incapacity or lack of age to consent to marriage. A marriage may also be invalid and therefore annulled because consent was wrongfully procured by force, duress, fraud or concealment.

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